Remembering Last Time – Part 2

So as we sat there in the dark in an ever-increasingly warm apartment, Caren realized how tired she was and we put off leaving until morning.

Jason bid us adieu, and we went to “bed”. (“Bed” being the futon mattress without any extra padding on the hard wooden floor).

Just as I was drifting off to sleep, the lights came back on. Oh, well – at least we now have air conditioning.

Come morning, we realize how unfinished we actually were. Boy, that place was dirty!

After another couple of hours scrubbing, wiping, and sweeping we were ready to leave.

The car carrier needed to be moved to the street. As it started picking up momentum going down the hill, I realized that I had no control of the steering. Caren stood between the hard steel wheel well (which was quickly approaching) and the hard steel beam of the security gate. The only word to come out of my mouth was “MOVE!!!!!” Luckily, she listened.

She took two steps back just in time to keep both her legs from getting crushed.


Now the wheel well is dented and rubbing against the tire – and the whole thing is too heavy for me to move alone. It’s stuck. It’s 8:30am and beginning to get warm.

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