The Pre-Packing Begins

I’m currently living in a house that’s been converted into five apartments. I live in the back half of the ground floor, overlooking the back deck and beyond that is the coy pond and storage shed.

When we first moved into the place, we were in the basement, but the low ceilings started freaking me out so they let us switch.

My landlord is my upstairs neighbor. He’s a pretty decent guy. He’s getting married this afternoon.

All in all, it’s a decent place to live. The only drawback is my landlord’s dog.

Don’t get me wrong. She’s a sweet dog, but she’s kinda clingy. For the first two months I lived here, the dog would immediately scratch on my door after her owner left for work, and demanded to spend the day with me.

Stupid dog with her stupid big sad puppy dog eyes.

That’s not why she’s a drawback.

When spending the day with her, she’d lay at my feet while I wrote or edited. With her flaky, smelly skin against my feet. If I made the mistake of touching her, I would be forced to scratch her for hours at a time.

That’s not why she’s a drawback, either. It turns out it was a food allergy, and she’s healthier and happier.

The reason why she’s a drawback is because we aren’t giving notice that we’re moving out.

We’re not skipping out on our rent, or on our lease. (We don’t have a lease) But we’re not giving notice until we are 100% certain that the move is this month, and not next… and we won’t know that for another week.

Besides, he has wedding things to worry about. That’s what I’m telling myself, anyway.

And while he is off exchanging vows – I will be moving all of my moving boxes from the storage shed into our apartment. I’ll be moving out while he’s on his honeymoon.

How does this make the dog a drawback? It doesn’t.

I just have nothing to write about and “I’ve got to get the boxes out of storage”, “My landlord’s getting married” and “Hey, there’s Scuffins!” was all I had to work with.

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