Those Three Words

Caren had been thinking it for a while, but it slipped out quite accidentally.

C and her BioMom speak every few days. We get farm updates fand give packing updates. They’re becoming friends, and are just enjoying talking about everything and nothing.

Another horse is about to go into labor; one was just born. We rented out not only our apartment, but the empty one below it; so our landlords can go on their honeymoon with zero vacancies. BioStepDad’s Corvettte is running better. I made sourdough pancakes in a half-packed kitchen. Blah, blah blah. How’s the weather there. Hot? It’s nice here today, but rainy yesterday. Blah, blah. Well, I gotta go. Love you.

And then she realized she said it.

There was only a split second to panic before an excited squeal came out of the phone and a gush of ILOVEYOUTOO turned her panic to joy. She tried to say something else, but BioMom already said “okayallrightthenokaybye” and hung up the phone.

It was so cute.

They’ve talked a few times since then, and the calls end with I love you and I love you, too. Them moving van gets here in six days.

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