Van Day: Part 1

Our apartment is tiny. A shotgun 11’x34′ rectangle with an 8’x6′ bathroom attached. Around 7:30pm last night, we ran out of room to pack. The apartment was full. We couldn’t even open another box. We couldn’t pack any more until some of the boxes left this place. So we called a friend over, sat on the sofa, and watched Ugly Betty, Dirty Jobs, and The New Adventures of Old Christine we had on the TiVo.

Van day started @ 7am. Caren and S from downstairs (I really should learn his name) went to pick up the moving van while I guarded two parking spots and the driveway leading back to our apartment.

People were kind enough to mutter “fu**off” under their breath as they moved their cars for me. Pre-coffee dawn-ish is not the best time to be asking for favors.

Caren arrives with the van and we get it all situated. She jumps out and tells me that we got a free upgrade to the 15 foot because they were out of 12s. I thought we were getting an 18 or a 20. I begin to get nervous.

We begin the loading process going to the shed to get our GIANT WROUGHT IRON TABLE AND SIX GIANT CHAIRS. After that, the entertainment center. (2 bookshelves and a TV stand). The van is half full.

It’s 8:00am and I’m already tired.

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