Van Day: Part 2

Deciding to be optimistic, we kept bringing out furniture. When we had nine modular dresser components, two bookshelves, two desks, and and four wire racks still left to be put in the truck – and it was 2/3 full, I reminded her that we still haven’t loaded a single box. This was just furniture. There are still acres of boxes piled ceiling high.

She stopped, squinched up her face, and became her alter-ego: Tetris. Tetris can work miracles. She strarted re-arranging the things in the van and somehow made a sofa, a table, two racks and a desk disappear. I kept bringing her boxes. Three and four at a time, as many as the dolly would allow. For three more hours I brought her boxes and somehow the truck got LESS full.

We were both walking back and forth to the apartment getting things, so we were pretty much always there, but we both stepped inside at the same time for about a minute… and that’s all it took. I needed help carrying the microwave stand. When we stepped out, their truck was backing up to our van and one guy was already standing in the street. Not skipping a beat, I called out “Hey! Oh, I thought you were our help for a minute there!” and played dumb.

The guy tried to cut us off, keep us distracted – but I already saw the second guy and didn’t stop walking. Now that we had the standing guy surrounded, he had to think fast. He friend in the truck almost left him. He asked where we got something, then asked where the store was. It was the worst small talk in history, then he bolted.

Now we had to guard the truck because we almost got ripped off once. This slowed things down.

By 6:30, most of the boxes are in the van, and it’s still only about 2/3 full. Caren is about ready to drop. I’m pretty tired too. We’ve not stopped moving for 11 hours… then it starts raining. That’s when we get the message that the new tenant will not be moving in tomorrow after all.

So, we got some handmade noodles from Judy Fu’s, and sat down, finally.

It’s 9:35. We’re sprawled on a mattress on the floor. C’s asleep, and I hope soon to be.

Now instead of finishing first then sleeping, it’s sleep first then finish. Instead of being finished by noon, we’re going to sleep until noon.

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