Moving Day

Too tired to sleep to noon, we laid in bed and felt the ache of four 15-hours days and 12 hours of heavy boxes. Little did we know at the time we still had twelve more hours before the apartment was empty.

In a ironic twist the last of the boxes were filled with books, papers, and I think some lead bricks. As we moved at half speed, I could feel my arms getting longer. I imagined being able to tie my shoes without bending over and changing the TV channel sans remote control. Caren kept cramming more and more into the tiny moving van. At ten o’clock, the van was full. C says she’s so tired her whole body is humming. The only things left in the apartment was what was going in the front of the van with us, and the bed we were abandoning. (It was a craigslist freebie, anyway)

At midnight we turned off the lights and slept in our Seattle home for the last time.

Morning arrived and our new body aches made yesterday seem like a sneak preview. It took us an hour to fill the cooler, make sandwiches, and get out the door, but we’re finally off.

We take turns driving, switching every hundred or so miles, but it’s clear that we are too tired to continue. Crunch week was catching up fast. We were hoping to make it into Idaho before stopping, but the approaching dark clouds made us think better of it.

We pulled off into La Grande, Oregon. A small winding mountain road led us into the heart of the sleepy one-road town. We start to pull into the tiny Greenville Motel, but notice that The All-American Inn across the street has free WiFi.
The All-American Inn is typical Americana, with it’s glowing sign above a never-used swimming pool next to the parking lot.

The man behind the desk is all smiles. He recommends a good restaurant and lets us know how to get back to the highway. We thank him, take the key, and pass out in the bed for three hours before returning to the van to get any of our luggage.

When we wake up, it’s pouring rain. We decide to eat more sandwiches and catch up on Veronica Mars rather than venturing out. C gives me some Tylenol and makes me drink water. She says I’m sick, but I don’t believe her; although as I snap a few pictures I can’t help but notice how good the cold night air feels.

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