Slow Going

During the night the sky opened up, but when we woke up at 7 the sky was a beautiful clear blue.

Caren went to grab our free breakfast (english muffins) while I vomited for an hour. My fever had kept us both up late into the night. Ok, it kept me up and I acted like a giant child and kept waking C up. She jumped out of bed at my every whiny whim without complaint. I finally left her alone by 3.

I dragged around the room while C packed up and rearranged the van. Tetris, her alter ego, was able to double our cabin space.

I climbed into the van’s passenger seat and we pulled out of the parking lot at 9:01.

Following the smiley man’s directions, we found our way back to the highway and began to head east. Ten minutes later the “Check Engine” light comes on.

C pulls over to the shoulder and calls Penske. They’re very glad to recieve our call. We’re number… FOURTEEN …in line. Sure, well wait for the first available representative to take our call.

As we sit on the lonely stretch of highway we can’t help but think of the 24 hours of putting boxes in the van as we consider the possibility of having to switch vehicles. I begin to sweat and shiver. C gives me Tylenol with codeine and I press myself against the increasingly colder glass. That’s when we notice the first snowflakes.

In the mirrors we see the dark clouds. In front of us is clear sky. C cranks the engine. The check engine light doesn’t come on, so she puts it in drive and we take off.

As we head southeast the snow stops, but the clouds are almost above us. The entire northwestern sky is pitch black, the entire southeastern sky is clear blue, and the line is right above us. The storm is chasing us.

For the entire day we stay just ahead of it. Whenever we stop for gas it catches us, but we’re able to outrun it, but then somewhere in Idaho the road curved south and the storm was coming toward us sideways.

We’d put a lot of miles between us, but it caught up with us in Ogden, Utah. Luckily, we switched highways and started heading east again.

The entire time, C has been driving. We make it to Evanston, Wyoming and 11 hours behind the wheel is all she can take.

Money is getting tight, so we have to shop around for a cheap place to stay. The clerk behind the desk of the Comfort Inn takes pity on us and gives us a discount.

We are now two days behind schedule.

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