The Weather Catches Up

As we crossed the Continental Divide, we escaped the thunderstorm and ran into a blizzard. The snow was flying sideways and the landscape turned completely white in under 15 minutes. Ice began to collect on the windshield wipers and the road in front of us. We continue on.

As the elevation drops, the snow turns to severe rain and we drive and drive trying to get ahead of it again. Lightening strikes nonstop in the sky above us as we cross the corner of Colorado and get into Western Kansas where it finally gets so bad that we have to pull over for a few hours.

Huddled together, we share a bag of pretzels and tell each other it will pass soon.

A six this morning, when we started moving east again, we find out about Greensburg – a town due south of us. They are reporting 63 injured, 7 dead, many missing, and 100% building damage. Everyone has lost their home.

The forecast says a 70% chance of more tornadoes sometime today. As we drive, the wind is blowing 45 miles per hour on our passenger side and it’s getting darker.

We’re pulled over in a truck stop in Ellis, Kansas watching the wind blow.

I don’t know how long we’ll be here.

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