Better Late than Never

Our moving van pulled off of the farm road and onto the driveway, soon we would see the house.

When we arrived, we hugged the woman we’ve met only once and brought our overnight bags into the spare bedroom and passed out for ten hours. Then it was time to unload the moving van.

The cabin that we’ll be staying in isn’t move-in ready yet, so the bulk of our things are being stored in the barn. The barn is by the horse stable, next to the electric fence, with only a dirt trail leading up to it. Feeling adventurous, we take the moving van off road for the first time. It’s been raining for days so the ground is soft and the air is thick with humidity.

All of our furniture and half of our boxes fill the space in the barn. Then BioMom starts arranging things. Now I know where C gets her Tetris skills: genetics.

The rest of the things going in there fits with room to spare. The remaining boxes join us in the spare bedroom.

Suddenly we both become aware that we’re living with strangers. This will be an adventure.

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