A band with a unique mission: Blame Ringo.

The band’s name is Blame Ringo.
The first single off their debut album “Lucky Number Nine” is called Garble Arch. The video is a time-lapse video of a typical day of a famous crosswalk.


Blame Ringo are a band on a unique mission.
They are using the power of song to Blame Ringo for everything.
From the break up of the Beatles to teen pregnancy to communism and the rise of Hitler. Ringo is to blame for it all.

They take a mixture of good-natured ribbing and over-the-top accusations to make a pretty funny gimmick.

According to this video, I am to assume Ringo is to blame for pedestrian traffic on a busy street. 🙂

It’s a cute video, check it out.

Why are they doing this?

Their band was originally called “Goodnight Vienna”.


Apparently, Ringo had an album by that name.


And apparently he thought this band was trying to bank on the album’s immense popularity.

What?!? I’ve never heard of it.

It doesn’t matter. Ringo is claiming ownership of that pair of words.

Instead of going broke fighting him in court, they changed their name. Problem solved.

They weren’t trying to profit off Ringo before, but they are now!

Unfortunately for Ringo, there’s nothing he can do about it.
Also unfortunately for him… they are big Beatles fans, so they know a lot about the man.
(Except, like me, that he had an album named Goodnight Vienna. I mean, seriously… who would remember something like that?!? Besides, that’s what every live performer says at the end of a show. Goodnight [name of city]! How can he OWN that!? Geez.)



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