The Celebrity Name Hot Potato Game [Updated x2]

UPDATE: Take a listen to three first-time players giving it a shot by clicking here (The game itself starts roughly 9 minutes in), or scroll to the bottom for the new FAQ.

Official Rules
(Drinking Game w/ 2 bottles of wine and 3 players)

A “Celebrity” is defined as someone [Living or Dead, Fictional or Real] with a name recognizable to most people. Politicians, Sports Stars, Actors, Singers, Rappers, Poets, Cartoon Characters, and Tabloid Headliners are all fair game.

To Play:
Player 1 names a celebrity. The person to their left has 10 seconds to name a celebrity who’s FIRST name begins with the initial letter of the LAST Name of Player 1’s choice.

If they succeed, the next person in line must take the first letter of the LAST name of Player 2’s choice, etc.

Player 1: Pam Anderson
Player 2: Al Gore
Player 3: Greg Kinnear
Player 1: Kevin Spacey
Player 2: Sarah Jessica Parker
Player 3: Pauly Shore.

If a player names someone with the same initial for both first and last name (Marilyn Monroe, Ronald Reagan, Bill Bixby) then play reverses direction and the previous player has to take a drink and go again. Single-named people (Madonna, Seal, Jewel) are the same as double-initial names (Mickey Mouse, Marilyn Manson, Susan Sarandon)

Player 1: Davy Jones
Player 2: John Mellencamp
Player 3: Micky Mantle
Player 2: (takes a drink) Micky Roarke
Player 1: Richard Marx
Player 3: Maude Adams
Player 2: Amy Grant
Player 1: Gary Cooper
Player 3: Cary Grant
Player 2: George Thorogood
Player 1: Tommy Tutone
Player 2: (takes a drink) Tina Fey
Player 3: Frank Sinatra.

If you take more than 10 seconds, that’s a drink.

If you repeat a name, that’s a drink.

If you blurt out a name when it’s not your turn, that’s a drink.

No name can be used twice for the duration of the game.

If your 10 seconds are up and you “take the penalty drink”, it’s still your turn.

If you accidently use a name that’s already used, you have to take a drink and it’s still your turn.

Your turn will repeat as long as it takes for you to come up with a “correct” answer.

If you blurt out a name when it’s not your turn, that name is still up for grabs

Play ends when the 2 bottles are empty. Takes about 30-45 minutes.

Add one bottle of wine for every 2 additional players.

The non-alcoholic variation is to get a “potato” for every “drink”, and winner is the person with the fewest “potatoes” after a set time has elapsed.

The game is harder than it sounds and is much more fun with a buzzer or bell.


Q: How long does it take to get drunk? It seems like it would take a while.
A: This game is deceptively drunktastic. It happens faster than you think it will. Within 10 minutes you will be buzzing. Don’t try to rush it. The penalty drinks keep coming faster and faster as the game progresses.

Q: I want to get drunker faster, Can I use hard liquor instead of wine?
A: You can, but the game will only last five minutes and all of the players will be vomiting in an hour.

Q: What about beer? Beer has less alcohol than wine. Can we use that?
A: You can, but beer adds three complications.
1. Beer is carbonated. (a. it speeds the absorption of alcohol – making it easier to zip right past “tipsy and witty” and zoom into “drooling and belligerent” before you know it. b. it promotes “repeats” and “underbubbles”. )
2. With beer, people tend to forget the drinking rules. (a. They just sip it the whole time. b. They start taking micro-sips when they should be taking penalty sips. )
3. Beer comes in 24, 36, and 72 packs. The end of the game is too vague. It’s about splitting a bottle, not splitting a case.

Q: I think that the person should start drinking at the beginning of their turn, and keep drinking until they come up with a name.
A: That’s not really a question. Also, it’s been tried. Just like with liquor, you’ll have vomiting players in just over an hour.


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